The Corps Network (TCN) is dedicated to the promotion of quality programming and standards for Conservation Corps across America

The Corps Network launched its Corps Center of Excellence Accreditation program in 2014. Accreditation is granted to Corps that can demonstrate:

  1. A high level of accountability to funders and donors,
  2. The capacity to provide meaningful programming to Corpsmembers, and
  3. Quality results to community and project partners.

The Accreditation program is administered by an advisory committee of former Corps leaders, former federal land management agency staff, and other experts in Corps and youth programming.

To become Accredited, a Corps must undergo an in-depth review of its general operations, youth programming operations, governance standards, financial management practices, and risk management guidelines. The process involves a site visit as well as a thorough assessment of the Corp’s administrative documents and policies.



In addition to receiving general Accreditation, Corps can invite additional scrutiny to become Accredited with endorsements that recognize their experience or capacity. Accreditation lasts for five years with the requirement that Corps provide an annual update to the advisory committee.

  • 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) Program
    Corps that have been officially designated 21CSC programs by the U.S. Forest Service.
  • Education Corps
    Corps that provide programming designed to help Corpsmembers obtain a high school-level credential and advance to postsecondary education.
  • Workforce Development Corps
    Corps that receive funding from YouthBuild and/or the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), or offer formalized training to increase work-readiness of Corpsmembers, provide connections to employers, provide connections to workforce-related supportive services, etc.
  • Human Services Corps
    The mission, programming, and service activities of the Corps are focused on remediating a variety of human service problems (poverty, incarceration, health-related issues, etc.).


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Allen Dietz
Director of Technical Assistance and Accreditation

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List of Accredited Corps & their Endorsements

American Conservation Experience 
21CSC Program

American YouthWorks
21CSC Program | Education Corps | Workforce Development Corps

Anchorage Park Foundation – YEP
21CSC Program

California Conservation Corps
21CSC Program

Citizens Conservation Corps of West Virginia 
21CSC Program

21CSC Program | Education Corps | Workforce Development Corps

Civic Works 
21CSC Program | Workforce Development Corps

Community Training Works, Inc. / Young American Conservation Corps
21CSC Program

Conservation Corps of Long Beach
21CSC Program | Education Corps | Workforce Development Corps

Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa 
21CSC Program

Conservation Corps North Bay
21CSC Program | Education Corps | Workforce Development Corps

Conservation Legacy
21CSC Program

21CSC Program

Fresno Local Conservation Corps
21CSC Program | Human Service Corps | Education Corps | Workforce Development Corps

Greater Valley Conservation Corps
21CSC Program

21CSC Corps

Larimer County Conservation Corps
21CSC Program | Workforce Development Corps

Montana Conservation Corps
21CSC Program

Los Angeles Conservation Corps
21CSC Program | Education Corps | Workforce Development Corps

Northwest Youth Corps
21CSC Program | Education Corps | Workforce Development Corps

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (CO)
21CSC Program

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (NM)
21CSC Program | Education Corps

Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps
21CSC Program | Education Corps | Workforce Development

Utah Conservation Corps 
21CSC Program

Western Colorado Conservation Corps
21CSC Program


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