Our Mission:

The Corps Network advances programs that transform young people’s lives and communities through career development, conservation, and civic engagement.

Our Vision:

A high-quality Corps serving every community in America.

About The Corps Network:

Established in 1985, The Corps Network is the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps. Our 150+ Corps provide young adults and veterans the opportunity to serve our country through projects on public lands and in rural and urban communities. The Corps Network supports Corps by advocating on their behalf, providing access to funding and project opportunities, and by offering expertise in Corps operations and programming. Every year, The Corps Network’s efforts enable over 20,000 diverse young people and recent veterans to strengthen communities, improve the environment and transform their lives through service in Corps programs.

About Corps:

Corps are locally-based organizations that engage young adults (generally ages 16 – 25) and veterans (up to age 35) in service projects addressing recreation, conservation, disaster response, and community needs. Through a term of service that could last from a few months to a year, Corps participants – or “Corpsmembers” – gain work experience and develop in-demand skills. Corpsmembers are compensated with a stipend or living allowance and often receive an education award or scholarship upon completing their term of service. Additionally, Corps provide participants educational programming, mentoring, and access to career and personal counseling. Learn more about Corps here.