Return on Investment Study: Green City Force

Description : This study estimates the Green City Force program’s ROI to be between $0.69 and $7.60, depending on how long AmeriCorps members experience increased earnings as a result of the program. Green City Force (GCF), operating in Brooklyn, New York, uses workforce training to improve the economic mobility of AmeriCorps members, all of whom reside in New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) housing. Green City Force is a member organization of The Corps Network. Key Findings

  • Benefits of GCF include:
    • Additional earnings by AmeriCorps members.
    • Living allowances, stipends, and education awards.
    • Increased tax revenue for government.
    • Reduced lifetime spending on corrections, public assistance, and social insurance.
    • Benefits to various stakeholders from GCF program activities.
  • The program produces strong returns for the medium- and long-term scenarios for all ROI calculations.
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Publish Date : September 2023

Author/Source : AmeriCorps

Type : Research/Report