Return on Investment Study: Nevada Conservation Corps

Description : AmeriCorps, the federal agency for national service and volunteerism, released a return-on-investment study to measure the value of federal funding invested in its environmental stewardship programs. AmeriCorps grantee Nevada Conservation Corps, an environmental service program dedicated to promoting field research and direct conservation service, returns as much as $90.28 for every federal dollar invested. Key Findings:

  • Benefits of NCC include: 1) Improved outcomes for various stakeholders in terms of reduced wildfire damage, environmental improvements, and greater trail access; 2) Increased post-service earnings by AmeriCorps members; 3) Living allowances, stipends, and education awards to AmeriCorps members; 4) Increased tax revenue for government; and 5) Reduced lifetime spending on corrections, public assistance, and social insurance.
  • The program produces strong returns for the medium- and long-term scenarios when benefits to AmeriCorps members, program participants, and state/local governments are included.
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Publish Date : October 2022

Author/Source : AmeriCorps

Type : Research/Report