Corps create opportunities for young people to earn their GEDs or high school diplomas and continue to postsecondary education or training. Corps offer an alternative education structure in which classroom activities are supplemented with service projects, hands-on job training, and the opportunity to earn professional credentials. Students generally receive more one-on-one attention than they would in a traditional high school and often have case-managers or counselors who can help them navigate their educational goals and access supportive services (public assistance, childcare, mental health therapy, etc.).

EAP: Education Award Program
One way The Corps Network helps Corpsmembers pursue postsecondary education is through the AmeriCorps Education Award Program (EAP). In return for their service, Corpsmembers enrolled in EAP receive scholarship money that can be used to pay for future educational endeavors or to help repay student loans. Upon successful completion of their AmeriCorps term, Corpsmembers serving in the 2013 – 2014 season earned between $1,175 and $5,550, depending on the number of hours served.

Corps to College
The Corps Network builds partnerships at a national level to help Corps strengthen their academic programs. For example, The Corps Network partnered with Southern New Hampshire University (College for America) to offer their online AA or BA degree to Corpsmembers, their families, and Corps staff at an affordable price.

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