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Utah Conservation Corps

Actively Recruiting:

Position title :
Field Crew Leader

Town, City, Park, etc :
Logan, Moab, Cedar City

State / Territory :

Benefits :
AmeriCorps,Education Award,Health Insurance,Industry-Recognized Certifications,Public Land Corps Hiring Authority,Student Loan Forbearance

Project/Program Focus :
Data Collection,Forestry,Habitat Restoration,Invasive Species Mngmt,Trails,Wildfire Mngmt,Wildlife Mngmt

Attachments/Supplemental Materials :

Organization/Program Description :

UCC is an AmeriCorps program made up of members, staff, and partners dedicated to service to our community and environment.  We engage in projects throughout the state of Utah that address goals relating to environmental conservation, leadership, education, and sustainability.

UCC AmeriCorps members have committed to a term of service for their country that may range from 3 months to a year. Our members are individuals seeking opportunities to give back, to improve the environment and explore the beauty of Utah’s public lands. Many of our members are current students or recent graduates looking to gain experience in the fields of natural resource conservation, education, or social services.

Utah Conservation Corps is a program of Utah State University’s Center for Civic Engagement & Service Learning.

The mission of the Utah Conservation Corps is to develop the conservation leaders of tomorrow

Our vision is to create sustainable communities and conserve the natural heritage of Utah and the Intermountain west

We are committed to an inclusive culture of community and service in a safe and positive environment

We Value: 
* The strong traditions of conservation and stewardship in American Society
* Leadership development and personal growth among members
* Inclusion of underserved populations
* Partnerships to address environmental challenges
* The development of civically-engaged and informed citizens

Position Description :

The UCC Crew Leader is an AmeriCorps position where the member participates in leadership
skills development during the spring field season (as a Crew Leader Candidate) and then provides direct leadership, mentorship, and teaching for a UCC field crew during the summer and fall field seasons.

During the spring season, the Crew Leader Candidate participates in essential hard skills and people skills trainings and completes conservation projects as part of a team of crew leader-trainees.  Field staff and Field Bosses provide extra attention to debriefing crew leadership scenarios, helping leaders refine tool and project techniques, attending to areas of individual growth, and teaching the full responsibilities of the Crew Leader position.  Crew Leader Candidates will be evaluated throughout the spring season and will only be promoted into the full leadership role upon demonstrating essential competencies.

During summer and fall seasons, Crew Leaders are responsible for preparing and leading a 5-10 person crew on various conservation-related projects. Crew Leaders are also responsible for upholding UCC values, ensuring that UCC policies and procedures are followed, communicating with project sponsors, and recording and reporting important weekly project outcome data and other documentation. See “Responsibilities” section.

Field crews are assigned to a variety of conservation-related projects located across the state of Utah. Projects can be rural, remote, backcountry or urban and may or may not include habitat restoration, invasive plant removal, fence building, trail improvement, forest fire fuels reduction, surveying, mapping, and more!

Each crew has unique project and travel schedules.  Crew Leader Candidates will be trained in how to conduct assigned project work. Field crews generally camp near project sites and return to their field office location for off time between project weeks. Crew Leaders are expected to have a place of residence near their field office location.

The Crew Leader position is an AmeriCorps term requiring a full-time, nine-month commitment.

Job Duties :

1.Conservation Project Management

  • Ensure that UCC policies and procedures are being followed at the project site,
    camp site, and during travel
  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Ensure that the crew is adequately equipped and prepared for project work and working/living conditions, including working through inclement weather and working and living in backcountry settings
  • Provide primary in-field leadership to accomplish daily/weekly project outcomes
  • Proactively communicate with UCC field staff and project partner (agency) staff about project goals, progress, techniques, problems, etc.
  • Ensure that the crew has essential information, tools and supplies to complete assigned project work, travel to project site, and camp near project site.

2. Crew Member Mentorship

  • Provide in-field guidance, training, and direction to crew members
  • Facilitate positive crew dynamics and crew member development
  • Facilitate conflict management and resolution within the crew
  • Document crew member incidents and behaviors related to policy violations and disciplinary action; report to field staff in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Proactively communicate with field staff about crew dynamics
  • Lead and/or facilitate weekly environmental education hours

3. Documentation & Reporting

  • Timely completion of documentation and reporting as assigned by UCC field staff
    including, but not limited to:

    • Weekly Progress Reporting
    • Vehicle Inspection
    • Daily Safety logs
    • Incident reports
    • Crew Member check-ins and evaluations
    • Debrief notes
    • Tool and equipment logs
    • Rig-up/De-rig scheduling

4. UCC Program Leadership

  • Work with co-leaders, field bosses, and field staff to plan, organize, and implement UCC program components, including but not limited to:
    • summer and fall crew member trainings
    • crew rig-up/de-rig
    • crew debriefs
  • Act professionally and with a high level of maturity in the front line of uncertainty and discomfort, employing skills of motivation, problem-solving, creativity, and adaptability
  • Collaborate and communicate with field staff to conduct risk assessment and management at UCC project and campsites
  • Give and receive constructive feedback with field staff in a timely manner

5. Other duties, as assigned

Requirements :


  • Leadership experience and demonstrated leadership skills
  • Teaching, training, and mentoring
  • Conflict management & resolution
  • Effective communication & interpersonal Skills
  • High degree of maturity & professionalism
  • Previous conservation corps, public lands management, or similar experience (required)
  • Chainsaw experience (preferred)
  • Trail maintenance and construction experience (preferred)
  • Demonstrated outdoor skills (required)
  • Camping experience, including backpacking (required)
  • Alignment to UCC mission and values of safety, service, community, inclusivity,
    positivity, and commitment


  • Support of UCC Mission & Values and a positive attitude
  • Commitment to personal and professional growth
  • Flexibility – ability and desire to work in a dynamic environment and embrace change
  • Ability and willingness to think creatively, adapt, adjust, and problem solve in order to
    manage a crew and project assignments
  • Ability and willingness to work an irregular schedule
  • Ability, willingness, and desire to live out of a tent and work in all weather conditions
  • Willingness and physical ability to work on a variety of conservation projects, which may
    include 12 hour days using chainsaws, hand tools, applying herbicide, etc.
  • Employ proactive, active, and effective communication
  • Exceptional work ethic and diligence in completing assigned projects and tasks
  • Demonstrated maturity
  • At least 21 years of age
  • S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Eligible to enroll in AmeriCorps
  • Undergo a National Criminal History Check
Contact Information :

David Mallery

Communications and Recruitment Coordinator

[email protected]