In the Eyes of a Corpsmember: The People’s Climate March

Written by Neysa Guzman of Montgomery County Conservation Corps

The People’s Climate March took place on September 21, 2014 in New York City and it was one of the larger protests the USA has ever seen with over 300,000 people. It was an incredible experience.

There were so many different types of people involved: people that survived floods, farmers, students, musicians, environmentalists, young children and older people.  All these people were united to stand together, strong, ready and powerful. We were all full of love that was displayed in people’s different forms of art, signs, music and dance. We celebrated the hope that we can change things. We wanted to get people’s attention to the fact that we are hurting the earth so bad that it may not be fixable if we do not stop. We chanted against oil companies and other big industries that refuse to change the way they operate.

I feel like every person should care, especially young people because this is our future, our earth that we will inherit and lead.  I am glad that we could be there to represent the Montgomery County Conservation Corps. Being a part of the MCCC I’ve gotten to learn to love and really value the incredible earth that we have. Our program teaches us about the environment and the best ways to improve it. It also teaches us to fight for what you believe in and keep going until you succeed. The protest opened my eyes to another fight and because of it I will continue to fight for environmental justice.