2008 Corpsmember of the Year: Marcos Molina

***Update! Click here to find out what Marcos has been up to since he won his award.***

When a cousin told him about the Tulare County Youth Corps (now Sequoia Community Corps), Marcos was an unemployed, court-involved, high school dropout living with his wife and two daughters in a single bedroom in his mother’s house.  As Marcos struggled with his attendance and attitude during his first weeks at the Corps, many of the staff thought he would probably not succeed. 

“I was literally on the verge of being fired but with the encouragement and support of my supervisor, I stuck it through and kept working,” said Marcos. “I knew I had to take care of my family.” 

Over time, with hard work and dedication, Marcos was able to learn job skills, earn a chance to be an Assistant Crew Leader, and move up to Crew Leader.  He learned every aspect of concrete work, chain link fence installation, landscape maintenance, and heavy equipment operation.  He also got his driver’s license and earned his high school diploma.  Marcos is now a Certified Construction Trades Trainer, teaching other Corpsmembers to operate equipment.

“Now I have an apartment and my own car,” said Marcos. “I learned to keep my head up and deal with the issues. I know I can handle the curve balls that life throws at me.  ”