About Us

Our Vision:
A high-quality Corps serving every community in America.

Our Mission: 
The Corps Network advances programs that transform young people's lives and communities through career development, conservation, and civic engagement.

The Corps Network (TCN) leads and supports over 130 of America’s Service and Conservation Corps. Corps are comprehensive youth development programs that engage participants in service projects, job training and academic programming. Modern Corps are a direct descendant of the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, which mobilized about three million young men to dramatically improved the nation's public lands in exchange for food, shelter, education, and a precious $30-a-month stipend.

The Corps Network supports Corps by advocating on their behalf, providing access to funding and project opportunities, and by offering expertise in Corps operations and programming.

Every year, The Corp Network’s efforts enable over 25,000 diverse young people, ages 16-25, to strengthen communities, improve the environment and transform their lives through service in Corps programs.

Corps provide a wealth of conservation, infrastructure improvement, and human service projects identified by communities as important. More specifically, some Corps improve and preserve our public lands and national parks. Others provide critical energy conservation services, including weatherization. Some Corps restore natural habitats and create urban parks and gardens. Still others provide disaster preparation and recovery to under-resourced communities. Corps also raise the quality of life in low-income communities by renovating deteriorating housing and providing support to in-school and after school education programs.