Waders in the Water — Aquatic Restoration Training for Service and Conservation Corps

The Waders in the Water aquatic restoration training and certification was specifically designed under a public-private partnership between The Corps Network and Trout Headwaters Inc. to enable youth and veterans to enter conservation careers by learning how to improve the health, productivity, and climate-resiliency of our streams, rivers, and wetlands.

The program was launched in May of 2014 with in-person trainings. In November of 2014, an online version delivered by live webinar was introduced making this valuable training more convenient, less expensive, and better for the environment. Students and instructor no longer need to travel to a training facility and the state-of-the-art instructional environment enables students to learn on a computer, tablet, or a smart phone.

“Real world, practical advice was given. It gave me the baseline knowledge and certification I need to be successful as a young professional.”                  - Christopher Gomon, Texas Conservation Corps

The interactive map below shows various U.S. Conservation Corps which are Waders in the Water certified.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Level I - Waders in the Water 2-Part Online Training

Each training meets two times, 3 hrs./day for two days, and attendees are expected to attend both sessions.

The cost per participant is $199.

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What the Training Covers

Designed as an introduction to the world of aquatic restoration concepts and projects, Waders in the Water Level I training provides information on basic safety, materials, and installation procedures for aquatic restoration. Students have the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized credential and gain additional pathways to a conservation career by learning how to improve the climate-resiliency of our streams, rivers, and wetlands.

The class uses pertinent videos, industry articles, and the course-specific EcoBlu Analyst Waders in the Water interactive website to train the next generation of land stewards in sustainable aquatic restoration including:

  • Land Use Impacts
  • What Restoration is Not
  • Safety Planning
  • Common Tools, Materials, & Techniques for Restoration
  • Proven, Practical, & Innovative
    Habitat Enhancement
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Restorative Activities
  • Safely Working in and Around Water
  • Rescue Techniques
  • Noxious Weed Management for Riparian Areas
  • Bio-stabilization
  • Green Jobs Market
  • Eco-Terminology

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For More Information

Please contact

Marie Walker, Vice President, The Corps Network
(202) 737-6272

Luke Frazza, Project Development, Trout Headwaters, Inc.
(703) 244-7460