A social media campaign to inspire people to #ServeOutdoors.

JUNE 10 – 14, 2019

Help spread the word that we can all be good stewards
and maintain our shared outdoor spaces.

June is Great Outdoors Month® – a celebration of America’s natural spaces and the many ways to enjoy them. From June 10 – 14, 2019, The Corps Network will lead a social media campaign, Outdoor Stewardship Week, to remind everyone that we can all help maintain the outdoor spaces that support our favorite outdoor pastimes. Help spread the word that we can all be good stewards and #ServeOutdoors.

Leading up to/during Outdoor Stewardship Week 
During Outdoor Stewardship Week, June 10 – 14


Ways to get involved


1. Invite Friends to Volunteer in the Nation’s Capital 




  • Date = Friday, June 14, 2019
  • Time = 8:30 a.m.
  • Location = Theodore Roosevelt Island

Register for The Corps Network’s 6th annual Great Outdoors Day of Service. Join over 200 volunteers for maintenance and improvement activities at this iconic memorial in Washington, DC. All our invited!

Invite others! Share The Corps Network’s message on
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Sample Message – Want to help maintain the places we recreate? Register to volunteer at Teddy Roosevelt Island for @TheCorpsNetwork Great Outdoors Day of Service. Be a good steward & #ServeOutdoors. #escapetheindoors http://bit.ly/DayofService19 




2. #ServeOutdoors Twitter Party




  • Date = Wednesday, June 12, 2019
  • Time = 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET

Join fellow stewardship-minded organizations, agencies, and individuals for a conversation about the importance of taking care of our natural spaces. This is a great opportunity to learn about and share ideas for ways to serve, volunteer and work in the Great Outdoors. Come prepared with links to open volunteering/service opportunities, or other information and resources to help people #ServeOutdoors. The Corps Network will repost ideas and opportunities on our Twitter page and right here on our website.


Invite others!click for shareable image

Sample Tweet – Go to Twitter: Join @TheCorpsNetwork June 12 at 1pm ET for the #ServeOutdoors Twitter Party. Chat about the importance & impact of outdoor service & volunteerism + learn and share ideas for ways to #escapetheindoors and serve. http://bit.ly/ServeOutdoorsChat19  




3. #ServeOutdoors Photo Contest — Show how you #ServeOutdoors (and you could win!)

Let’s celebrate and raise awareness about the many different ways to be good stewards and #ServeOutdoors throughout the country.

    1. Snap a picture of how you work, serve or volunteer in the Great Outdoors.
    2. During Outdoor Stewardship Week (June 10 – 14), share your pic on social media. Use #ServeOutdoors and mention @TheCorpsNetwork. Be sure to tag/mention where you are and describe what you do to #ServeOutdoors.
    3. Keep up with the #ServeOutdoors hashtag across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Like and share the ways fellow outdoor enthusiasts across the country help maintain and enhance our shared outdoor spaces.



Print one of our #ServeOutdoor signs (see below) and include it in your pic. All non-federal or state employees who publish a social media post that includes a picture with the sign (and #ServeOutdoors) will be automatically entered to win a cool prize to help you in your adventures in the Great Outdoors.

Invite Others! – Sample Message – .@TheCorpsNetwork invites you to show how you #ServeOutdoors. Take a pic of how you improve the #GreatOutdoors, share on social & tell what inspires you to be a good steward. Don’t forget to use #ServeOutdoors & mention @TheCorpsNetwork. You could win! https://corpsnetwork.org/our-impact/outdoor-stewardship-week/#ServeOutdoors




4. Share the message

Help spread the word about the importance of outdoor stewardship and encourage people to #ServeOutdoors and help maintain the places we recreate. Use the sample social messages and images below to inspire people to #ServeOutdoors.

Shorter: – Go to Twitter  |  Go to Instagram

Public lands have billions of dollars in backlogged maintenance, but we can help.

Volunteers #ServeOutdoors millions of hrs every year to protect & improve the places we recreate. Be a good steward & #ServeOutdoors @TheCorpsNetwork #EscapetheIndoors http://bit.ly/serveoutdoors19

Love to recreate in the #GreatOutdoors? You should #ServeOutdoors! Consider volunteering at your favorite park & help maintain our shared outdoor spaces. #escapetheindoors @TheCorpsNetwork http://bit.ly/serveoutdoors19

During @GOMonth2019, thank the people who maintain our #parks, #forests, waterways & all the outdoor places we recreate. If you 💚 the #GreatOutdoors, then you should #ServeOutdoors & give back. @TheCorpsNetwork #EscapetheIndoors http://bit.ly/serveoutdoors19

America’s #publiclands belong to all of us. We are all responsible for being good stewards. Learn about ways to #ServeOutdoors. @TheCorpsNetwork #EscapetheIndoors http://bit.ly/serveoutdoors19 

We love #publiclands, but our outdoor spaces have billions in #deferredmaintenance. Everyone can help maintain our shared resources. Learn how you can #EscapetheIndoors & #ServeOutdoors. @TheCorpsNetwork http://bit.ly/serveoutdoors19

Summer is a perfect time to play outdoors. It’s also a good time to #ServeOutdoors & give back to the places we recreate. #EscapetheIndoors & #giveback http://bit.ly/serveoutdoors19

Longer: – Go to Facebook

Volunteers and #AmeriCorps members are critical to helping maintain and improve our #publiclands and other shared outdoor spaces. Consider volunteering or serving at your favorite place to enjoy the #GreatOutdoors. Be a good steward and #ServeOutdoors. http://bit.ly/serveoutdoors19

#PublicLands belong to all of us. We can all pitch in and help resource managers take care of our favorite places to hike, bike, swim, camp, boat or otherwise #EscapetheIndoors. Be a good steward and take time this summer to discover ways you can #ServeOutdoors in your community. http://bit.ly/serveoutdoors19




Addressing the Backlog



Celebrate the Great Outdoors

Thank You





Talking Points and Facts

  • The bad news: As a result of budget and staffing limitations, our federal public lands have billions of dollars in backlogged maintenance. This threatens access to our favorite outdoor past times and, in turn, threatens local economies that depend on the outdoor recreation economy. More than 7.6 million people are employed in America’s outdoor recreation industry; access to public lands and outdoor recreation infrastructure is essential to supporting these jobs. Many of our favorite outdoor activities – including hiking, biking, camping, boating, and fishing – would not be possible without proper stewardship of our park infrastructure and resources. 
  • The good news: We can and should help! From volunteer events, to national service positions, to small day-to-day actions, there are lots of ways for those who enjoy outdoor recreation to pitch in and help protect the public lands and other outdoor spaces we love.
    • Did you know?
      • Volunteers have contributed more than 123 million hours of service to national forests since 1972. This service is valued at $1.4 billion.
      • More than 300,000 people volunteer at national parks every year.
      • More than 24,000 young people and post-9/11 veterans participate in Service and Conservation Corps every year.

5. Find a service or volunteer opportunity

There are lots of ways to #ServeOutdoors across the country and throughout the year. Below are a few resources to assist you in finding the right opportunity to #ServeOutdoors.


Large National Volunteer Days
Mark your calendar for the annual events listed below. These are great opportunities to give back to the outdoor spaces you love.


Find a National Service Opportunity
Ready to make a bigger commitment to the Great Outdoors? Through a national service program, you could spend several months serving full-time on projects that help improve and maintain habitats, parks, and other natural assets.


Find a Recurring Volunteer Opportunity
Here are a few websites to help you find a recurring volunteer opportunity in the Great Outdoors.

  • Volunteer.gov – Find opportunities to volunteer with federal resource management agencies like the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA, and the Bureau of Land Management.
  • AllforGood.org – A service of Points of Light, this online database can connect you with many different types of volunteer opportunities, including opportunities to serve in the Great Outdoors.
  • VolunteerMatch.org – Large searchable database of volunteer opportunities with many different organizations, including organizations focused on the environment