Our country is witnessing history. We face a global pandemic, an economic crisis, and a growing movement to take action against systemic racism and inequity. The year 2020 will be remembered, both for challenges, and hopefully for growth and change.



Express Yourself: The Corpsmember Journaling Project was created to capture the work Corpsmembers are doing, as well as what they are thinking and feeling while serving their communities and advancing their education during these challenging times. 


We invite Corpsmembers to be part of the historical record.

More than ever, we feel it is critical to hear from young leaders. Over the coming months, The Corps Network will release “journal prompts” that encourage Corpsmembers to reflect on this moment and their service experience.

Corpsmembers will have the opportunity to have their reflections published on The Corps Network’s website and shared via our other communications platforms.


  • Raise the voices of young adults: The challenges our country faces do not have easy solutions, but we all have something to contribute to the conversation. We can learn and advance change by listening to each other. This project aims to provide a space for young adults to share their thoughts in a way that best suits them.
  • Raise awareness about the important and diverse work Corpsmembers are doing: Especially amidst national conversations about the need for a “new Civilian Conservation Corps,” this project can help raise awareness about the modern Corps movement and the thoughtful, talented young people currently making a difference in communities across the country.

How to Participate

Where to find the prompts

If your Corps would like to participate in this effort and be notified as soon as new prompts go live, please contact Hannah Traverse and/or Sydni Dobson.

On the these dates, The Corps Network will release new prompts here on The Corps Network’s website. You and your participants can choose which prompt(s) they’d like to respond to. We will also share prompts in The Crewleader (The Corps Network’s newsletter for Corps staff – contact Hannah and/or Sydni if you would like to be added to The Crewleader distribution list).


Submission requirements

We encourage creativity. “Journal responses” can be in the form of a written blog, but we also welcome Corpsmembers to submit original photos, poetry, artwork, musical expressions, videos, or other creative content to accompany their written entry, or as a standalone entry.


How to submit a response

Entries can be sent directly to Hannah Traverse.



  • Prompt 1 – Monday, July 20
  • Prompt 2 – Monday, August 3
  • Prompt 3 – Monday, August 17


Please submit with your response:

  • Your Name
  • Name of Corps
  • When did you start serving? (approximately)
  • When will your term of service complete? (approximately)
  • Please provide a couple sentences about the type of projects you have been working on

Prompt 1 – Monday, July 20

  1. Why do you serve? Is being able to serve a privilege, or is it something everyone can and should do?
  2. What do you believe is the biggest misconception people have about you? (or about your generation, or your community, etc.). What is something about yourself that you believe would surprise people?


Banner Photo Credit: Vermont Youth Conservation Corps