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Rocky Mountain Conservancy

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Position title :
Field Coordinator

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Estes Park

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Organization/Program Description :

The Rocky Mountain Conservancy’s Conservation Programs include the Conservation Corps, High School Leadership Corps, and Volunteer Stewardship programs.

The two corps-based programs engage young adults (Conservation Corps) and youth (High School Leadership Corps) in immersive service learning opportunities. The Conservation Corps is an AmeriCorps program and hosts young adults for 300 hour and 450 hour service terms. The High School Leadership Corps is a two-week program.

The Volunteer Stewardship Program engages local community members and visitors in volunteer conservation projects in Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding USFS lands. The projects range from trail maintenance and construction to habitat restoration and fire fuels reduction to litter clean-ups.

The Rocky Mountain Conservancy promotes stewardship of Rocky Mountain National Park and similar public lands through education and philanthropy.

Position Description :

The Field Coordinator will provide leadership and support for several (5-8) crews of approximately 5-6 young adults (18-25 years old) and 2 crews of 10 high school youth (14-17 years old). The Field Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of planning and implementing the High School Leadership Corps through this summer. This will include project planning, partner coordination, training development, youth education, and on-site supervision.The High School Leadership Corps will host three crews of ten youth for two weeks  at various points during the season.

The Field Coordinator will also assist with planning and implementation of the Conservation Corps season. Throughout the season, the Field Coordinator will be responsible for preparing trainings, visiting the crews in the field, updating the program manager on crew progress and status, resolving and reporting on conflicts in the field, and providing partnership support between the crews and the agency supervisors (USDA Forest Service and National Park Service). The Field Coordinator may perform the duties of this position throughout areas in Northern Colorado, including Rocky Mountain National Park, the Rawah Wilderness, Fort Collins area, Indian Peaks Wilderness, and Grand County. The position requires heavy physical labor for extended periods of time in the field and significant travel time in a Conservancy vehicle.

The Field Coordinator will be required to carry a backpack with personal and group essentials including heavy trail tools for extended periods of time or long distances. Gear, uniforms, access to a company vehicle, and housing are provided.

Job Duties :

Essential Duties/Responsibilities

Field Coordinator will:

  1. Plan and implement all aspects of High School Leadership Corps;
  2. Assist with pre-season training for Conservation Corps;
  3. Assist with pre-season set up, packing, and coordination of gear;
  4. Model appropriate judgment and leadership skills for members;
  5. Remain in the field for a significant amount of time providing logistical support for crews;
  6. Serve as Crew Leader (with a crew 24/7) as needed;
  7. Conduct regular meetings with Crew Leaders (and members, as needed);
  8. Collect paperwork from crews to be turned into RMC-CC Admin Staff;
  9. Organize, clean, distribute, and collect crew gear;
  10. Administer crew paperwork;
  11. Report regularly to the RMC-CC Admin staff;
  12. Support the physical and emotional well-being of all corps members;
  13. Maintain schedule of crew visits;
  14. Plan, organize and facilitate supplemental training and education;
  15. Perform duties expected of any corps member including trail work, field planning, cleanup/setup, and other day-to-day duties while on crew;
  16. Plan and coordinate crew activities and travel with Program Manager;
  17. Participate and help facilitate orientation and training;
  18. Adhere to Rocky Mountain Conservancy Staff Handbook;
  19. Enforce rules and regulations as specified in the RMC-CC Handbook;
  20. Implement and adhere to AmeriCorps policies related to behavior, reporting (timesheets and trail reports) and all-other aspects of the Member Service Agreement.

Other Duties/Responsibilities

Field Coordinator will:

  1. Attend Rocky Mountain Conservancy staff meetings, as schedule allows;
  2. Support Community Volunteer Stewardship Events;
  3. Provide effective communication with project partners;
  4. Support AmeriCorps program administration.

Supervisory Duties

Field Coordinator will:

  1. Lead 10 high school crew members 24 hours per day for 12-days in June and July;
  2. Oversee Conservation Corps crews (5-6 members) during site visits;
  3. Support volunteer supervision during community volunteer stewardship events.
Requirements :
  1. Must be a US Citizen, US National, or Lawful Permanent Resident Alien of the US;
  2. Must pass the National Sex Offender Public Registry and criminal history check defined as no positive hits on the NSOPR and no history of violent offenses on the criminal history check;
  3. Must successfully complete physician’s review;
  4. Clean driving record (Driver’s License background check required).

Job Qualifications

Knowledge, Skill and Ability

  1. Familiarity with corps model and conservation skills;
  2. Strong background in trail construction and maintenance techniques;
  3. Ability to clearly and effectively communicate written and orally;
  4. Sound judgment and ability to model and implement policies and procedures in the field;
  5. Proficiency in low impact camping techniques (LNT Ethics);
  6. Strong organizational skills, ability to work independently, and self-motivated;
  7. Appropriate risk management skills;
  8. Ability to lead groups of diverse youth (ages 14-25);

Computer Skills

  1. Must have basic computer skills and be competent with Microsoft Office applications.

Education or Formal Training

  1. Wilderness First Aid certification or the ability to obtain by start date.


  1. At least one year of experience in Corps programs or similar field.
  2. At least one season of experience leading conservation activities (i.e. trail building, vegetation management, historic preservation, etc).
  3. At least one year of experience working with youth and young adults.

Material and Equipment Directly Used

  1. Daily use of Conservancy, USFS, and NPS vehicles, including 4×4 vehicles, vans, and 14-passenger buses.
  2. Daily use of hand and power tools. These include, but are not limited to: pulaskis, shovels, mcleods, various hammers, pick-mattocks, crosscut saws, hand saws, rock bars, hoes, power drills, power saws, power sanders, and wheel barrows.
  3. Frequent work around heavy machinery. These include, but are not limited to: mini excavators, dump trucks, bobcats, plate compacters, and chain saws.
  4. Occasional work with livestock, including horses, mules, and llamas.

Working Environment/Physical Activities

  1. Long (10-hour) days of shoveling, digging and swinging heavy tools repetitively;
  2. Heavy lifting of up to 50 pounds;
  3. Walking and working on steep or uneven terrain;
  4. Carrying a 40 lb. back pack up to 5 miles;
  5. Working in extremes weather conditions;
  6. Working, eating, and camping outdoors in all weather conditions
Additional Benefits :
Compensation: $500/week plus free housing.
Contact Information :

Please contact Geoff Elliot, Director of Conservation, at (970)586-3262 or [email protected] with any questions.

Additional Information :


Submit a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to Geoff Elliot, Director of Conservation, at [email protected].