National Park Service

Actively Recruiting:

Position title :
Community Volunteer Ambassador Program: June Cohort for Young People of Color

Type of Position :
Corpsmember / Intern

Organization/Program Description :

The Community Volunteer Ambassador (CVA) June cohort is designed to engage youth of color in the National Park Service. Members will be placed at NPS sites nationwide and will organize, lead, and participate in community and volunteer activities and events. As a part of the next generation of conservation leaders, CVA’s will gain new skills and experience through year-round training and professional development opportunities, enabling them to build a portfolio of professional skills and develop a community of support. This program is designed to address the following goals:

Goals of the CVA June Cohort:

Goal 1: Increase the overall diversity of the CVA program to reflect the nation’s demographics by recruiting from underrepresented communities to diversify the applicant pool and hire diverse members into CVA June positions.

Goal 2: Advance an equitable work culture in the NPS and youth programming by ensuring that sites, supervisors, and mentors are prepared and supported in cultivating inclusive environments for CVAs.

Goal 3: Support the Fellows in achieving personal & professional success while serving as a member of the CVA program by offering a range of relevant learning and development opportunities.

Goal 4: Support members’ future careers by promoting access to future opportunities working in NPS/ federal lands management partners.

Position Description :

    1. Important: make sure you are eligible for enrollment:

    • You must be a US citizen or permanent, legal US resident. International students are not eligible.
    • You must be 18-30 years old, or up to 35 if you are a veteran.
    • You must be eligible to serve in AmeriCorps term of service.
    • You must attend the mandatory national training(s), whether in-person or virtual. Dates will be provided for these trainings within your first month, and all your travel expenses will be covered by the program.
    • You must be available to work a 40-hour week for the 50-week term, that starts on June 7th.
      • 50 weeks is just over 11 months
      • The start date is June 7, 2021; the end date is May 20, 2022
      • You will have personal time off during this time for sick, holiday, and vacation time.

    2. Recommended: Prepare your Cover Letters first, then fill out this form.

    • Cover Letters need to be written to a specific National Park Service site.
      • For example, if you’re interested in working at Yosemite, talk about what interests you about working there.
      • Please title your Cover Letter with your name and part of the park name.
        • Example: Garcia-Yosemite
      • You need a Cover Letter for each site you’re applying to – review all open positions HERE .
      • Cover Letters must include your answer to the following question: How does your experience or background make you a promising candidate for this position.

    3. You can submit this form and apply to as many parks as you like, either all at once or one park at a time.

    • When you press “submit” at the end of this application, any Cover Letters and resumes that you uploaded will become your application packet.
      • If you need to edit your application after the fact, you can reach out to Rhea Johnson, Program Coordinator, at [email protected]
    • You can fill this out using your phone, but using a computer is highly recommended.
  • How Long Will This Application Take?

    If your Cover Letters are already prepared, this online application form will take about 35 minutes to complete and submit.

    There are 6 parts to the Community Volunteer Ambassador Application:

    1. Basic Applicant Information (2 minutes)

    2. Preferred Parks Selection, Resume upload, and Cover Letter upload(s) (5 minutes)

    • Please answer this question in your Cover Letter: How does your experience/background make you a promising candidate for this program?

    3.  Previous AmeriCorps Experience (Yes/No) (estimated 1 minute)

    4. Contact Information for 2 References (2 minutes) 

    • Both email and phone information requested for references
    • References can be anyone

    5. Supplemental Questions: (10 Minutes)

    • We work to foster a culture of acceptance and inclusion. We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, ability, political affiliation, military status, sexual orientation, or gender. Given that the staff and volunteers at the site consist of people from all different backgrounds, what will you do to ensure a positive, healthy, and successful work environment at your site?
    • Describe a time when you needed to communicate with someone that did not share the same values or beliefs as you. Describe the situation, the actions you took, and the outcome.

    6. Statements of Acknowledgment (5 minutes)