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TCN 2019 Fact Sheet

Maine Conservation Corps

Position title : Field Team Leader

Deadline to apply : 02/03/2019

Type of Position : Crew Leader

Town, City, Park, etc : Augusta

State / Territory : Maine

Organization/Program Description :

MCC is dedicated to accomplishing outdoor recreation and conservation projects for the public, promoting and managing volunteer opportunities, providing conservation education, building self-esteem and leadership, strengthening the future employability of members, while raising the aspirations of members and volunteers.

Field Team Leaders lead teams of 3-6 people to complete conservation projects throughout the state of Maine. Leaders assist with member training and development, help members improve technical and interpersonal skills, and are responsible for the crew’s overall service performance and safety during a project.

Position Description :

In the spring, Team Leaders will participate in leadership skills development, covering essential hard and soft skills, and will complete conservation projects as part of a team of Team Leader-trainees.

Once the field season starts, the Team Leader will provide direct leadership, mentorship, and teaching for an MCC field team during the summer and fall field seasons. You can expect to work on physically challenging conservation projects in any kind of weather, gaining hands on experience in the groundwork of stewardship. Each day you will return to camp after work to participate in community activities, including meal prep, water collection and treatment, followed by a family style dinner.

The Team Leader position requires mentorship, patience, technical aptitude, focus on efficiency, and a high level of comfort in the outdoors. Team Leaders are ultimately responsible for successes and short-comings of the team.

Maine Conservation Corps Team Leaders perform many roles, and are the key to our program’s success. The position is multi-faceted and demanding, but with the opportunity for enormous rewards.

Job Duties :

Team Leaders are responsible for:

  1. Conservation Project Management
  • Ensure safety is the top priority during all MCC activities and projects; promote a ‘culture of safety’
  • Ensure that the crew is adequately equipped and prepared for project work and working/living conditions, including working through inclement weather and working and living in backcountry settings
  • Conduct pre-service visits to all project sites and collect information about the project, including developing an emergency response plan
  • Serve as a primary caretaker of the MCC vehicle and observe all rules regarding safe transport of people and equipment
  • Maintain a personal cell phone for communications with the office.
  • Build new trails and rehabilitate existing trails, such as:
    • Build bridges, wooden ladders, retaining walls, etc.
    • Construct rock water bars, retaining walls, causeways, stone steps, etc.
    • Clear trails (cut and haul brush, dig to mineral soil, pull stumps, etc.)
    • Other tread way work (crush rock, haul gravel)
  1. Crew Member Mentorship
  • Educate members about and uphold the MCC code of conduct
  • Guide, support, and assist team members to ensure quality work performance, safety, and team wellbeing
  • Train members in all aspects of trail construction and rehabilitation.
  • Participate in and lead job readiness training workshops
  • Facilitate positive crew dynamics and crew member development
  • Coordinate education events during each session per MCC program guidelines
  • Live cooperatively with members during training and service sessions, and willingly perform joint living tasks, such as cooking and cleaning and maintaining hygiene


  1. Documentation and Reporting
  • Complete all paperwork in a thorough and timely manner, including submission of timesheets, session reports, mileage logs, and other forms required by the MCC
  • Proactively communicate with field staff about crew dynamics
  • Document crew member incidents and behaviors related to policy violations and disciplinary action
  • Inform Program Coordinator of conduct issues in a timely manner

Essential Functions

    • Have the desire to learn, serve others, and make a difference
    • Willingness and physical ability to serve on a variety of conservation projects, which will include using power and hand tools
    • Heavy lifting, bending, and carrying up to 50 pounds
    • Serving on trails with steep or uneven terrain
    • Serving in extremes of heat or cold, as well as being exposed to biting and stinging insects
    • Serving, eating, and camping outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Ability to hike 3-12 miles per day in rugged terrain, often carrying heavy gear and tools
  • Ability to perform tasks as part of a cooperative team
  • Non-judgmental attitude, sensitivity to others, approachable
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Interest in personal growth and in participating in on-going training

Marginal Functions

  • The ability to operate a MCC vehicle to transport members and gear to and from project sites
Requirements :

Time Requirement


Full time, 40+ hours a week, Monday – Friday with weekends off (Month of April), 10 days (Monday – Wednesday), followed by 4 days off (Month of May). Overnights and weekends required.

Field Season:

Full time, 40+ hours a week, 7:00am – 4:30pm, for 9 days (Monday – Tuesday), followed by 5 days off OR Monday – Friday with weekends off. It is typical to have a mixed schedule, and each team has a unique project and travel schedule. Overnights, weekends, and two mandatory Team Leader Meeting days required.


  • High School diploma
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Must submit to criminal and sex offender background checks
  • Two seasons of trail work experience in an outdoor leadership role
  • Previous experience with construction work
Benefits :

Paid leadership training; $250 weekly, housing during training, professional trainings and certifications, living allowance ranging from $440-475 per week upon successfully attaining Team Leader status, health insurance, a wide range of training and networking opportunities, pro-deals, and a Maine State Park Pass

Contact Information :

To Apply: Complete an online application and send a copy of your resume to corps.conservation@maine.gov.

You will be contacted with further instructions.

Additional Information :

Service Conditions

This position requires working in adverse weather conditions, including cold, rain, hot, and humid, exposure to biting and stinging insects, hiking with all tools and gear over difficult terrain, and sleeping in tents. This position should be viewed not as a traditional job, but as an experience where long hours and extended time away from home, often in remote locations, are to be expected.