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TCN 2019 Fact Sheet

Idaho Conservation Corps

Position title : Vegetation Restoration and Monitoring Intern

Deadline to apply : 06/01/2019

Type of Position : Corpsmember / Intern

Town, City, Park, etc : Ketchum

State / Territory : Idaho

Organization/Program Description :

The Idaho Conservation Corps Internship program is an innovative AmeriCorps Program designed to provide hands on training and experience to those interested in pursuing employment with land and water resource management agencies, and other outdoor careers. The program is a cooperative effort designed to address community, environmental, and resource management projects.

Position Description :

Position Summary:
Summer 2019, The National Forest Foundation is currently recruiting one intern that will support the Sawtooth National
Forest vegetation program on the Ketchum Ranger District. The selected intern will assist with treatment of invasive
species, seedling plantings, and vegetation monitoring to aid in the restoration of burned areas.

The Sharps Fire started in August 2018 just east of Bellevue, Idaho. The fire moved onto Forest Service land and burned
approximately 12,000 acres. The goal of the project would be to improve elk habitat through invasive species treatments
and enhancement of native plant communities focusing on species that are palatable to elk. The project area encompasses over 3,000 acres of crucial elk winter range as well as summer, yearlong, and transition range for elk that were burned in the Sharps Fire of 2018. It will also improve habitat for sage-grouse and mule deer. Improvement will include herbicide treatment of invasive species, planting of sagebrush and bitterbrush, and grass seeding of approximately 600 acres within the project area. Along with improvements, vegetation monitoring including upland recovery, riparian, and aspen monitoring will be also be done in the project area.

Terms of Employment:
One AmeriCorps member will complete a term of service (length dependent on commitment of hours), starting July 1,
2019 (flexible start date) through October 25, 2019. The member must complete a minimum of 675 service hours by the
end of their term

Job Duties :

Improvements (50%)
 Invasive Plant Treatments;
o Assist District employees with Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) of invasive plants in the
treatment area including the use of herbicide for treatments.
o Cheatgrass treatments to reduce the establishment of this common post-fire invasive.
 Seeding
o Assist in planning and seeding in disturbed sites.
 Seedling Planting
o Assist in planning and planting of seedling of shrubs in the project area.

Vegetation Monitoring (50%)
 Aspen Monitoring
o Assist with developing and monitoring aspen regeneration plots in the project area.
o Document and develop a report on findings.
 Riparian Monitoring
o Survey, identify, and monitor riparian regeneration in the project area.
o Document and develop a report on findings.
 Upland Vegetation Monitoring
o Survey and establish monitoring plots to ensure efficacy of improvements and to monitor native
vegetation recovery.
o Document and develop a report on findings.

Requirements :

Required Qualifications:
 Ability to work outdoors in remote settings and inclement weather on uneven ground
 Willingness to work independently in an outdoor setting
 Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
 Experience reading maps and attention to detail
 Good written and verbal communication skills and a positive attitude
 Current Driver’s license

Desired Qualifications:
 Knowledge of Northwest natural resources and plants
 Coursework in biology or botany and strong interest in conservation
 Previous experience using GPS units
 Experience with basic land navigation equipment and/or methods

Benefits :

A total living allowance of $5,950.00 divided on a monthly basis, a $2,225.24 education award upon completion of the
675 hours of service and/or position requirements. The living allowance and education award are taxable. Members are
responsible for providing their own food. The living allowance and education award are taxable. Members are responsible for providing their own food. Service eligibility is contingent upon the results of a criminal and driving background check.

Government Housing
Shared housing will be provided as part of the internship at a cost of $5 per day to the intern.

Contact Information :

Javier Luna
(208) 805-0325