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GEM Environmental NFP

Actively Recruiting:

Position title :
Conservation and Maintenance Intern

Deadline to apply :

Town, City, Park, etc :
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Phoenix District Office (PDO)

State / Territory :

Benefits :
Dental Insurance,Health Insurance,Public Land Corps Hiring Authority,Relocation Assistance,Vision Insurance

Project/Program Focus :
Construction/Masonry,Habitat Restoration,Invasive Species Mngmt,Landscaping,Trails,Young Adult Programs (18+)

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Organization/Program Description :
G.E.M. Environmental is a 501(c) 3 scientific charity headquartered in Prescott, Arizona. We work with government agencies to conserve public lands, while connecting underserved STEM students to integrated and collaborative educational programming.
VISION: Create a community of learners enriched and engaged through STEM education.
MISSION: Provide unique educational opportunities for under-represented STEM students through paid internships, scholarships, and vocational training. Through our hands-on programs, students envision new educational goals, cultivate relationships with industry professionals, and develop greater confidence in community engagement.
ACCESSIBILITY: We believe that science is for everyone, thus experience within the STEM fields should be made broadly accessible to people from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or socioeconomic status.
COLLABORATION: G.E.M. Environmental welcomes partnerships with community institutions and schools that transcend academic disciplines and the boundary between academics and industry when providing career experience to the students we seek to benefit.
CONSERVATION: G.E.M. Environmental works with government agencies to provide data collection services and site monitoring for scientific study areas to ensure environmental, cultural, and wildlife preservation across our system of national public lands.
Position Description :
Project #1009 –  Force Accounts / Maintenance Intern
Deadline extended to May 22th due to COVID-19
1 x Positions Available with the Phoenix District Office (PDO)
  • Internship Term: Minimum of 4 months (640) hours
  • Start Date: ASAP upon successful completion of Federal Background Check
  • Internship Pay: $12.00/ hour
This position is for a maintenance worker within the Support Services Branch of the AZ Bureau of Land Management’s Phoenix District Office. The participant will work as a member of the force account crew on resource management and deferred maintenance projects. The primary responsibilities include construction of range watershed, recreation and wildlife projects, building and recreation site maintenance including roads and trails.
Job Duties :

Major duties

  1. Range and wildlife improvements: Constructs and maintains various improvement projects on public lands, (i.e. livestock and wildlife catchments, fences, pipelines, and water storage facilities).
  2. Building maintenance and recreation sites: performs various building maintenance tasks such as painting, installing floor coverings, plumbing, welding and laying concrete pads for ramadas, sheds, ramps etc at recreation sites.
Requirements :

Skills and Knowledge:
Participants must possess some skills and knowledge in general construction practices; Must be skilled in the use of basic hand and power tools such as hammer, power saws, drills, etc.; Be able to read, write, and submit routine maintenance inventory and progress reports; Must have a basic understanding of proper use and application of common construction materials, (i.e. paints, lumber, metals, plastics/ metal piping, and cement); Must have a good knowledge of shop math so that the worker can compute quantities needed, plan, measure, and layout materials according to specifications.


  1. Complexity of work: Substantial portion of the work involves the maintenance of recreation sites, installation of horse gates, cattle guards, water pipelines, water shed structures etc.
  2. Nature and Degree of responsibility: Assignments will generally involve the responsibility for the complete work process including work layout on maintenance jobs. Most duties are performed in remote areas with limited access.
  3. Nature and degree of responsibility: Participant will work with a crew when working on construction projects, or may work independently when making repairs or painting. Work assignments are made in general terms and schedules. Judgment must be exercised in locating, analyzing and making repairs.

Physical effort:
Participant will be required to lift objects weighing more than 50 pounds such as bags of concrete. The work involves considerable physical efforts such as climbing ladders, kneeling, walking long distances over uneven surfaces, remaining in a crouched or bent position in cramped quarters for long periods of time. Participant must have good muscular coordination of hands, arms, feet, and good vision to operate around heavy trucks and equipment.

Working conditions:
Participant will work outside in extreme summer heat of temperatures up to or in excess of 120 F and could be subject to poisonous snakes, bees, scorpions etc. While safety is always a high priority, the participant may be subject to cuts or abrasions from sharp tools and burns while welding. Worker could be exposed to noxious gases and fumes while painting, welding fumes, or nearby operating equipment. Participant will also encounter dirt, grease, oil, and loud noises.

Contact Information :

Please fill out our online application at: https://www.gemenvironmental.org/yci_1009

For more information, please contact:

Eric Welsh – Executive Director (928) 925-2711 [email protected]

Additional Information :

Requirements for Receiving Public Land Corps Hiring Authority:  

Individuals interested in obtaining a Public Land Corps (PLC) certification with 2-year non-competitive hiring status for federal employment must be between the ages of 16-30 or 35 for veterans at the time of their enrollment, and must serve at least 120 hours of their term outdoors in the field completing service directly related to their project.