Your Chance to Win Fantastic Original Artwork & Support The Corps Network

A Very Special Opportunity

We are excited to announce that everyone who donates (or has donated) to The Corps Network’s CrowdRise Holiday Campaign will be entered to win an 11 x 17 inch print depicting original artwork from The Corps Network’s new book, Join the Crew: Inspirational Stories of Young Adults in America’s Service and Conservation Corps!

Through this artwork, we wish to highlight the work that The Corps Network does to tell the stories of the Next Greatest Generation and raise the visibility of our Corpsmembers’ accomplishments. The opportunity to be entered to win the Join the Crew artwork will end on December 31st, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. 

Thank you for supporting The Corps Network and now back to our originally scheduled email…

As participants in the Crowdrise Holiday Challenge, The Corps Network greatly appreciates your donation, which will support our work cultivating the “Next Greatest Generation” of Americans. Each week, we will highlight some of our 2013 accomplishments. In the final week of our campaign, we’re focusing on the work we do to tell the stories of our Corpsmembers – the many inspiring veterans and youth who serve in Corps every year. These Corpsmembers are the next greatest generation of American leaders. 

The Corps Network (TCN) expands the conversation around America’s youth and their stories of struggle, perseverance, and personal success. Every year, America’s Service and Conservation Corps engage over 27,000 young adults in meaningful service projects that provides them with the job skills necessary to pursue a number of careers in the 21st century workforce.

The Corps Network’s new book, Join the Crew: Inspirational Stories of Young Adults in America’s Service and Conservation Corps, tells how over 60 current and former Corpsmembers experienced personal growth and adventure through Corps programs. The chapters in Join the Crew showcase stories of young people from all walks of life who joined Corps to build their resumes; make a fresh start; try something new (like wielding a chainsaw!); help support their families; or re-adjust to society after serving time. A special chapter written by Corpsmembers adds additional insight into how transformational and influential Corps experiences can be. Join the Crew shows how service in Corps programs can help recent graduates find a meaningful career path; help troubled teens find stability; help veterans readjust to civilian life; and help so many others build self-confidence and leadership skills.

Another highlight of The Corps Network’s work in 2013 includes a resolution we introduced in the United States House of Representatives to honor the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and its accomplishments in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the CCC’s creation.

This year, The Corps Network also helped sponsor the National Council of Young Leaders. Created in July 2012 in response to a recommendation from the White House Council on Community Solutions, the Council is tasked with informing policymakers, business leaders and funders about the issues faced by America’s young people. Council members come from diverse upbringings in urban and rural low-income communities across the nation. They represent our country’s Opportunity Youth: the 6.7 million young Americans who are neither in school nor working, but who offer enormous potential for our economy and our future if they are provided the opportunity to get on track. The Corps Network’s representation on the National Council of Young Leaders brings Corpsmembers to the table to discuss some of America’s most pressing youth-related issues, including access to higher education and fair sentencing in the justice system.

Each year, The Corps Network honors 6 Service and Conservation Corpsmembers whose accomplishments and personal stories exemplify the positive services Corps provide for individuals and communities across the nation. You can click here to read about our Corpsmember of the Year Award winners from 2005 to the present – without question, all of the young men and women who serve in Corps programs have fascinating stories to tell.

Corpsmembers of the Year are selected by members of our Corps Council and honored at The Corps Network’s annual National Conference in Washington, D.C. The Corps Network encourages the award winners to continue the legacy of Service and Conservation Corps through our Corps Ambassador Program. This program provides participants the opportunity to access a variety of communications channels, including the chance to have meetings with members of Congress and write op-ed’s for local and national media sources.

We would love your help to continue working on behalf of The Corps Movement! We hope you choose to Channel Your Inner Santa and give to The Corps Network.


The Corps Network