Standing Up to Hate, Supporting the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

The Corps Network strongly condemns acts of violence and hate directed at the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We are deeply disheartened and angered by these incidents. Unfortunately, as we know too well, the most recent events in the news are not an aberration: our AAPI friends, colleagues and neighbors have faced discrimination for generations. This intolerance, sadly, is also not an anomaly: we must acknowledge that the racism faced by the Asian American and Pacific Islander community is rooted in the long history and institution of racism and white supremacy in our country. We stand with the AAPI community in confronting this hate.

As said by the activist Yuri Kochiyama, “Unless we know ourselves and our history, and other people and their history, there is really no way that we can really have positive kind of interaction where there is real understanding.”

As a national organization that seeks to support and convene a diversity of communities across the country, The Corps Network recognizes the responsibility we have to not only recognize the history and effects of racism in our country, but to do the work of examining ourselves and dismantling any systems or knowledge deficits that create barriers to equity. We commit to continuing this work through our Moving Forward Initiative. We call on the Corps community to join us in seeking to break down silos, celebrate diversity, and work together – across our differences – to build coalitions against hate in all its forms.


At this time, we join the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) in sharing these resources:

We also suggest the Ronald Takaki book A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America (2008). Winner of an American Book Award, A Different Mirror “turns the Anglocentric historical viewpoint inside out and examines the ultimate question of what it means to be an American.”