Sequoia Community Corps Receives Grant for Used Oil Recycling Program

Article appears in Sequoia Community Corps July 2014 Newsletter
The Sequoia Community Corps (SCC) recently received a two year grant from CalRecycle to collect used motor oil from the agricultural community of Tulare County. Farms, dairies and ranches will be able to responsibly dispose of their used motor oil. The SCC will make arrangements to come to the site to pick up the used oil.
The goal of the used oil collection program is to increase the recycling of used oil and avoid improper disposal, which can be harmful to the environment. One gallon of used oil can ruin the taste of a million gallons of drinking water, and one pint of oil can produce a 1 acre oil slick on the surface of a body of water.
Sequoia Community Corpsmembers will work alongside SCC sta to operate this program. The young men and women are completing this meaningful work while pursuing their education.
For more information about the Used Oil Recycling Program or to sign up, contact Lisa Torres at (559) 977-1560 or [email protected]