National Service: An Imperative in Today’s Economy


by AnnMaura Connolly
President, Voices for National Service; Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President, City Year, Inc.
When our country faces difficult times, economically or otherwise, it is almost always our citizenry that show us the way forward.
Today, we are faced with increasingly difficult choices. How can we meet the growing need for services with shrinking fiscal resources at every level of government? How can we improve the lives of people in our communities and help them thrive when we can barely afford to provide them with the basic services they need to survive?
The answer is clear. We need cost-effective strategies for public problem solving that leverage the most powerful resource we have: the American people.
Two new reports released by Voices for National Service detail the vital role national service plays in providing cost-effective solutions to improve local communities and strengthen the American workforce and economy at large.

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