Let’s Talk About the Civilian Climate Corps

Over the past year, there’s been a lot of conversation about reviving the Civilian Conservation Corps: the New Deal Era program that put millions of unemployed young men to work building America’s outdoor infrastructure.

With the economic uncertainty of the pandemic and growing concern about climate change, many have suggested our country needs a “Civilian Climate Corps.” Various organizations have released policy papers; numerous CCC bills have been introduced in Congress; countless opinion pieces have been published; President Biden signed an executive order calling for a new CCC.

On May 25, Corpsmembers from Los Angeles Conservation Corps and San Francisco Conservation Corps joined Danielle Owen, Director of Government Relations at The Corps Network, for a virtual event to chat about what all of this Civilian Climate Corps talk means. The event was the latest installment in “Corps Conversations” – a web series in which California-based Corpsmembers discuss timely topics with experts and officials. “Corps Conversations” is led by the California Association of Local Conservation Corps (CALCC) and Story For All.

Watch the conversation to learn more about CCC proposals and hear ideas from Corpsmembers about how to expand and innovate within the Corps community.