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How to post a position on the Jobs at Corps platform – Updated Feb. 27, 2020

As a Member benefit, Member organizations of The Corps Network have the opportunity to post open positions on The Corps Network’s Jobs at Corps page.

General inquires about the Jobs at Corps page can be directed to Sydni Dobson ([email protected]) and Hannah Traverse ([email protected]).



Updates to the Jobs at Corps platform, February 2020

The Corps Network launched new features on the Jobs at Corps page on February 27. These changes are designed to give Corps staff enhanced flexibility to manage positions. Additionally, potential Corpsmembers and job seekers will have more search options to help filter available positions and find the right opportunity.

Something looks funny…
If you cannot see the updates, or if the Jobs at Corps page looks strange to you, please clear your cache and cookies (clearing for the past 24 hours should do the trick). Afterwards, try logging back in and the changes should now appear properly. If you are unsure how to clear your cache, here are explanations:

Some of the new features don’t seem to work yet? 
Thank you for your patience as we work out some of the bugs. Everything should be running properly very soon.

Learn about what’s new
Watch this webinar from February 27 and read below.



How to post a position

STEP 1 – Create a Member Account on The Corps Network’s website and log in

Click here for instructions on how to create a Member Account.
Please note: Member Accounts are exclusively for staff at Service and Conservation Corps or Emerging Corps. Affiliate or AmeriCorps Basic Members do not have access to the Members Only section of The Corps Network’s website.

Once you create a new account, it will need to be approved by staff at The Corps Network. This usually takes no more than one business day. You should receive a confirmation email as soon as your account has been approved.

Once your account is approved, go to www.corpsnetwork.org. Log in to the Members Only section of the website by clicking “Member Login” in top right corner of the site. You can also go to www.corpsnetwork.org/login.


STEP 2 – Access the Job Dashboard
      1. Once logged in, click Job Dashboard in the upper right corner. 
      2. Click the Create New Position button.
      3. Enter the position details. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
        • Deadline to Apply  |  Start Date  |  End Date: Instead of a text box, this field now offers a calendar select. If you don’t have exact dates, choose one that’s close or leave these sections blank. You can always come back to edit your post. If appropriate you can also choose to use the Time Period option (see below).
        • Time Period: This is an optional feature primarily to be used for seasonal/temporary positions or when you are unsure of exact program dates.
        • Type of Position: specify whether the position is for Corpsmembrers, Crew Leaders, staff, etc.
        • Town, city, park, etc.: Use this field to give specific locations (e.g. Rocky Mountain National Park; Flagstaff; Larimer County).
        • State/Territory: Choose multiple locations, or select “National” if appropriate.
        • Benefits: Choose all that are applicable. On the front of the website, job seekers can search positions based on Benefits.
        • Project/Program Focus: You can choose as many focus areas as you wish, but it’s probably best to focus on just a few that are most appropriate. On the front of the website, job seekers can search positions based on Project/Program Focus.
        • Text boxes: Use the text boxes sections of the form to provide all the details about your position.
        • Don’t forget to include a link to where applicants can learn more or apply (gray box above the Contact Information field).
        • Logo: Please upload a JPEG/JPG or PNG file of your logo. “Square-ish” images work best. If you do not include a logo, a “No Image” box will appear on the front of the website.
        • Status: Choose Active, Upcoming or Draft.
          • Active should be used for positions for which you are currently recruiting.
          • You may choose to use Upcoming for positions for the next season; this can be helpful if you have annual positions for which you know you will begin recruitment at a specific time. For instance, as soon as you are done recruiting for a Summer Crew Leader position, you may wish to edit the post and republish under the Upcoming section for a Fall Crew Leader position.
          • Draft positions will not be visible on the front of the website.
      4. When you hit submit, staff at The Corps Network will receive a notification. Once your position submission has been approved, you will receive an email notification. At that point, your position will be live on The Corps Network’s website.
      5. To edit positions, return to the Job Dashboard. You can delete positions, change content in an individual position description, or change the status of a position (Active/Upcoming/Draft). You can also duplicate an existing position to avoid needing to reenter job details that may be similar across numerous positions.