#DayInACorps Video Challenge


The Corps Network is hosting a Corps and Corpsmember-led video challenge campaign this August to raise awareness about what Corps are and what a Corpsmember experience looks like. See details about the contest in this fact sheet.


  • How many videos can my organization post?There is no limit. Your Corps can enter as many videos as you’d like.
  • What if a Corpsmember published a video entry from their personal Instagram account?That’s okay — we’ll still count their entry — but we encourage Corps to collect and post videos from the Corps’ Instagram account.
  • Can you clarify how the prizes will be distributed? We intend to announce the winners next week (week of August 8). We’ll share the news on our social media channels and via The Crewleader newsletter. We’ll also reach out through Instagram and email to the Corps that posted the winning videos. We will send the prizes via electronic payment or check directly to the Corps that posted the winning video, not to an individual Corpsmember/Individual Placement. We will leave it to your organization to determine how best to use or distribute the prize.
  • Our organization has multiple different programs and it would be hard to capture a #DayInACorps in just one video. Can we publish/enter multiple videos that each show a different aspect of our program?Yes – definitely! Multiple videos from the same Corps are more than welcome.


The focus is recruitment. We hope this campaign will generate fun, easily-shareable, Corpsmember-created content that will demonstrate the Corps experience. We also hope this effort will help current Corpsmembers learn about the broader Corps movement and gain exposure to other programs.


Meet Basic Requirements:

  • 1 minute or less
  • Invite @thecorpsnetwork to be a post collaborator on Instagram
  • Tag @thecorpsnetwork and mention

#DayInACorps in the caption

Interest: Would this video inspire someone to learn more about Corps and the opportunity to serve in Corps?
Creativity: Is your video unique? Does it use humor, interesting camera angles, original choreography, a fun “plot line” or concept?
Quality: We’ll take note of extra effort the creators put into getting quality footage, editing clips, and making a visually appealing, well-packaged video.


Steps to participate:

1. Invite your Corpsmembers and individual placements to create videos! Each video should encapsulate “a day in a Corps” in less than 1 minute.
2. During the week of August 1 – 5, Corps should share the content directly on your organization’s Instagram:
  • Invite @thecorpsnetwork to be a post collaborator. On the screen where you add a caption, choose Tag People >> Invite Collaborator.
  • Write your caption. The caption should use hashtag #DayInACorps and tag @thecorpsnetwork. Also mention any important descriptive info (who’s in the video, where they are, who made the video, etc.). See below for a sample caption.
  • We will accept all the Collab requests as we receive them! The videos will simultaneously post to our Instagram page and your Instagram page.
3. Corps should also share videos directly to this Google folder. Label videos so we know which organization they’re from. If you’re having trouble with Google Drive, other file sharing methods work, too – like iCloud, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. Just let us know.

Example Caption: Thanks to @americorps members Jane, Joe, and John from our Blue Crew for showing what a #DayInACorps looks like with #XYZCorps! They’re serving with @parksdepartment at #greenpark, helping remove invasive species and improve #picnic areas. Glad to join other member organizations of @thecorpsnetwork to highlight the #CorpsExperience #CivilianClimateCorps #CorpsWork #NationalService


Following the initial campaign, we will do a secondary campaign to repost the submitted videos across The Corps Network’s social media channels (we will share your caption and add tags/ mentions to give credit). We will also create short highlight reels of our favorite clips.


Email our Communications team with any questions.