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Changes Coming Soon to Jobs at Corps Platform

The Corps Network’s “Jobs at Corps” page will see some changes soon. New features launching on February 26 will give Corps staff enhanced flexibility to manage positions. Additionally, potential Corpsmembers and job seekers will have more search options to help filter available positions and find the right opportunity.

WEBINAR: Thursday, February 27

The Corps Network will host a webinar for Member Corps on February 27 to discuss these changes and walk through the new process. Learn more here.



“Jobs at Corps” is consistently one of the most visited pages on our website, seeing thousands of visits every month. As a Member benefit, staff at Corps have long had the ability to share positions on the page.

On previous versions of The Corps Network’s website, the page consisted of a static, running list. Corps staff needed to email The Corps Network in order to have a position added to the list.

The current version of the website has a more user-friendly interface that gives Corps staff the ability to post their own positions and provides job seekers with a few options to sort positions. However, there was still room for improvement. Continue reading to learn what to expect with the February 26 changes.


Job Dashboard for Corps Staff

When Corps staff log into the website, they will now have access to a Job Dashboard that will allow them to view all the positions they currently have on the website. From here, they can edit the content of individual position descriptions, delete old positions, or change the status of positions from Active to Upcoming (or vice versa).

Corps staff can also choose to save a position description in draft mode or duplicate an existing position to avoid needing to reenter job details that may be similar across numerous positions.


More Options to Filter

When posting a position, Corps staff will be able to choose from dropdown menus to indicate the benefits the positions offers, as well as the project focus area. In turn, job seekers will be able to filter positions based on their needs and interest areas. As opposed to the current site, job seekers will also now be able to search for multiple types of positions and multiple geographic regions at once.