A Time to Listen & Reflect

The deaths of George Floyd and too many other Black Americans at the hands of police have sparked worldwide protests and a growing conversation about racism in our country.

How do we process this moment? What can we do to advance change? What can we do to support Black friends, neighbors, and colleagues? The first thing we need to do is listen and reflect.

As part of our virtual “town hall” series, The Corps Network hosted a presentation on Thursday, June 4, to share writings, speeches, and other commentary responding to recent events. Elevating the voices of Black activists, leaders, academics, and artists is critical to advancing racial equity. We recognize, however, that some of the content we shared in the June 4 town hall could be triggering. We invite you to learn more before engaging with the content.

As a follow-up to the town hall, please see below for materials we presented, as well as additional resources to help guide further learning and discussions. In future town halls, and through other avenues, we plan to work with partners and our member organizations to continue providing information that promotes education, leadership, and allyship in the fight against systemic racism.

For Our Member Organizations


June 4 Town Hall Materials

All materials can be found here. If you missed the event, please note that we shared content that could be upsetting or triggering. Learn more here

Readings & Videos Shared

(Links to all of these materials are also in the Notes)


  • Tamika Mallory speaks truth to power during press conference surrounding the murder of George Floyd
  • Moment of Reckoning – Dr. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
  • How Can We Win? – Kimberly Jones
  • There’s Just So Much Pain – Bakari Sellers
  • It’s Time To Do The Work On Ending Systemic Racism – Rev. Bernice A. King
  • A message to the young Black men and women of America – President Obama (This message is part of a longer interview. We played from ~12:53 – 14:18)



  • Standing Together for Racial Equity and Community, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Now is Not the Time for Silence (A Statement from The Corps Network)
  • Poem : “A Small Needful Fact” – By Ross Gay

Additional Resources