2014 Corps Legacy Achievement Award Winner, David Muraki

David Muraki 
California Conservation Corps


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David Muarki 

David is the first Director of the California Conservation Corps to have “risen from the ranks.”  He initially joined the CCC in January 1978, spending over 60 weeks living out of a tent and supervising three trail crews in the
backcountry of Yosemite National Park. In 1979, he started the CCC’s iconic Backcountry Trails Project that has gone on to field 176 crews, build and maintain 10,840 miles of trails in national and state parks, forests, and wilderness areas throughout the state.  At the CCC’s Del Norte Center, David founded the salmon and steelhead restoration program that received the Robert Rodale/Renew America Award for the top fisheries conservation program in the nation and the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award. 

David served on the staff of the CCC in numerous capacities until 1996. From ‘96 until his return to the CCC in 2007, David served as deputy director for California Volunteers, where he led public policy efforts and supported AmeriCorps national service and disaster volunteer programs. Upon David’s return to the CCC as Director, he soon became the Chair of The Corps Network’s Corps Council and was appointed to the federal advisory committee on the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC).  In addition, he serves on the California Biodiversity Council and the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council.

David’s extraordinary dedication to the Corps is due, in part, to his deep program knowledge and love of young people; David’s experience as a crew supervisor, project coordinator and center director at a CCC center provide him the “street cred” to engender loyalty and respect from field staff and Corpsmembers.