Disaster Relief

Responding to a disaster can provide a transformative experience for many Corpsmembers. In 2011, crews nationwide responded to at least 251 disasters including fires, floods, and storms. 4 Corps sent crews to Joplin, Missouri after devastating tornadoes leveled the city.

In addition to responding to disasters, Corps are also involved in preparation, mitigation, and recovery projects centered around helping communities remain resilient while protecting homes and the environment. The training that Corpsmembers receive as well as their preparation to travel easily and bring their own gear like chainsaws make them excellent leaders when unfortunate disasters occur-- and also a very cost-effective solution to getting important needs met.

Major partners of The Corps Network and our members include the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Corporation for National and Community Service's Disaster Services Unit. 

Our data indicate that in 2011:

  • Corps Combined to Complete 512 Acres of Erosion / Flood Control
  • Responded to 30 Floods
  • Placed 95,194 Sandbags
  • Responded to 124 fires directly, and assisted with an additional 97
  • Cleaned up 506,817 cubic yards of Debris
  • Protected 8,029 homes